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"In these days of erratic economies and caustic politics, escaping into a good novel soothes the soul. A Plague of Scoundrels by Jon Cory (Komenar, 2008) takes the reader far away to another time and place, on a fantastic adventure. The protagonist, Elliott Vail, is an unemployed stand-up comedian. His nightclub gigs are floundering and his pockets are empty, so he answers an intriguing ad for free rent. His odd new landlord parades around the apartment in full Robin Hood regalia. The next thing you know, Elliott is transported to London in 1665. Of course, with his poor comedic timing he arrives just before the outbreak of the Black Plague. Soon our hero is entangled in intrigue, pursued by rapscallions and dueling with thugs. He also manages to romance a comely serving wench who is more than just a one-dimensional character. Through it all, Elliott would rather quip than quit. His sly humor keeps him sane and gives the reader plenty of laughs. A Plague of Scoundrels is a quick read and is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day."

Leslie A. Burton
Professor, Golden Gate University School of Law
Review published in Law Practice Magazine

"Hot off the presses, Alamo author Jon Cory brings his first novel, A Plague of Scoundrels to print. It is a book that is 'designed to put a smile on your face', according to Jon . . . The humorous and romantic novel takes readers on a wild ride through London and the rural English countryside that will not soon be forgotten . . . A Plague of Scoundrels is engaging for all ages."

Alamo Today
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"KOMENAR Publishing's theme line is 'Compelling Fiction for the Habitual Reader.' At Grit Lit, we believe that's a wonderful goal. And they've certainly got a winner in Alamo author Jon Cory's first novel, A Plague of Scoundrels (Komenar, $24.95, 230 pages).

Cory describes Scoundrels as a fun, entertaining story. There are no lessons to be learned. And you don't have to wade through mountains of pesky details to get to the good parts. It's a fun book to just kick back and enjoy.

Elliot Vail is a San Francisco comedian who will do anything for cheap rent. Then Edward Bockman offers him free rent in exchange for some odd errands. Little does Elliot know that his new landlord has invented time travel and is carrying on a hot and heavy tryst with a former mistress of England's King Charles II.

Jon Cory's debut novel takes readers on a delightful journey through London and rural England. You'll meet a cast of characters including petty thieves, the local hangman and a great French villain. Plus the usual sexy wenches.

All in all a rollicking great comedic romp."

Myles Knapp
Bay Area News Group
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"You mix a time travel device with a high-tech genius, add a dram of Restoration England, include a dose of plague and a damsel in distress—a very lovely damsel I might add—and mix it up with a San Francisco comic . . . And what have you got? A very funny and fun story! I thoroughly enjoyed A Plague of Scoundrels."

Dennis Erokan
Founder of the Bammy Award

"Jon Cory’s witty debut novel is no ordinary romp down the river of time to seventeenth-century England. When a second-rate comedian meets a farmer’s clever daughter, the result is first-rate adventure that captures the meaning of life."

Laurel Anne Hill
Author of Heroes Arise

"Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, big surprise. The plot took another direction and made me laugh. Lilly. Bockman. Grundel. Elliot. Excitement, humor, real characters, continuous surprises, romance, time travel, what more is there? A great read for summer, winter, spring or fall."

Richard Cook
Owner, Sunrise Bookshop
Berkeley, California

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