Beyond the Bitter River by Jon Cory

A BARD IN THE HAND – anthology Beyond the Bitter River
Adventures of Sarlon, bad-boy knight who takes on dangerous tasks while outwitting his uncle, the king, who prefers him dead.

"Beyond the Bitter River"Paperback
ISBN-10: 1-77115-087-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-77115-087-3

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Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication Date: April 2013
pages: 221

Fiction - Fantasy/SF/Fiction/Adventure

When King Bellabond suspects the barons are plotting against him, he gives his nephew, Sarlon, twenty-four hours to leave Otherside Kingdom or be killed by the Wind Riders. Sarlon dashes for the remote territory called the Northern Empty where he must cross the Bitter River.

He is rescued from near death by his friend Mumblepeg, the spotted dwarf, who is in area seeking the source of the antidote for the poisonous waters. Life gets complicated when a beautiful young wizard intrudes. She just can’t seem to get the magic right.

Beyond the Bitter River is part of the A Bard in the Hand anthology edited Michael Ventrella from Double Dragon. The second in the YA Fantasy series.  
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