Anthology: A Bard in Hand - Reviews

Beyond the Bitter River is part of the A Bard in the Hand anthology edited by Michael Ventrella from Double Dragon.

"Magic. Knights. Werewolves. Doppelgangers. Elves. There’s no telling what will pop up in Michael A. Ventrella’s Fortannis fantasy series when he invites other writers to play in his sandbox. No need to wait for any ’extended editions.’ These stories are good to go now."

Daniel M. Kimmel
author of the Hugo-nominated Jar Jar Binks Must Die and Shh! It’s a Secret

"A very fun anthology of tales in a world both expected and very different indeed!

In A Bard in the Hand, Michael Ventrella and others revisit the world of Fortannis and emerge with tales to astound, amuse, and bemuse; here is sword-and-sorcery to stand well next to that of Leiber and Moorcock, and ordinary people swept up into events far larger than they which can still be addressed with some common sense and cleverness. A young woman makes a choice, and faces the consequences of choice and the price of learning, while another duels in darkness for the soul of a child, and an old man recounts an adventure of his youth that kindles a spark in those who listen. A fun book, well worth reading!"

Ryk Spoor
author of Phoenix Rising and Grand Central Arena

“Curl up in your favorite chair with your favorite beverage and get ready for adventure, action and derring-do—it’s all here!”

Gail Z Martin
author of Ice Forged

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