Author’s blog – publishing is mindboggling.

An author friend of mine,  some nine books and a movie option to his credits, is uniquely positioned to comment on the writer’s decision to follow the traditional publishing path or self publish via Kindle and Smashwords.  Having taken both paths including the agent, publisher route, he has decided to self publish. To paraphrase him,  ”I’m too old to take a year to find an agent, another year for the agent to find a publisher, and a third year for the publisher to bring the book out. In less than six months, I can have a quality ebook and hardcopy in print. Since the marketing is up to me in either case, I make more money sooner.”

My new novel, Roly’s Relic , is edited and ready to go. My writing advisor, former president of a traditional publishing firm, urges me to find an agent and take the traditional route. Based on her experience, that is still the best way to go for quality writing. On the other hand, fellow authors point out all the good experience they have had self publishing. I am at the proverbial “fork in the road” and must take it.


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