About Jon

Jon Cory
Photo by Janet A. Cory



I grew up in small town Indiana, one of three boys. My father owned a restaurant and believed in slave labor, putting us to work at age eight. However, since he also ran a cafeteria in a highly classified manufacturing facility, I had a security clearance ID badge to get in. Great for impressing your school buddies.

After getting a masters degree and a short stint in the Air Force, the corporate grind kept me busy for a number of years. I did manage to publish a business book before turning to creative fiction.

Since I had enjoyed playing in the dirt as a kid, the idea of becoming an amateur archaeologist had a certain appeal. The end result was being a team member on a number of expeditions around the world. As an author, blending real and twisted history makes for fun-filled escapades. I live in Northern California’s Bay Area with my wife Jan.